The Benefits of Oregano

Oregano (Scientific name: Origanum vulgare) is also known as Wild Marjoram, Mountain Mint, Origanum, Wintersweet and Winter Marjoram.

Hand of Hope: Samuel Alexander Armas

A picture began circulating in November. It should be "The Picture of the Year," or perhaps, "Picture of the Decade." It won't be. In fact, unless you obtained a copy of the paper, you probably will never see it.

Tracey Connelley, Baby P's Evil Mom, Shows NO Remorse

I have never been affected by any story as much as Baby P's story has affected me. Yesterday evening, I found myself sobbing twice! I just can't get over the sheer horror of the story.

Baby P's Murderers -- Why Are They Being Protected?

In my country, it has never happened before that the media and the people have been forbidden to actually reveal the names and faces of TC and SB, the murderers of Baby P.

That Winter The Wind Blows Finale: Did Oh Soo Die?

Over the holy week break, I spent the entire four days just watching the 15 episodes of this Korean show. Yes, I am a self-confessed Korean drama addict. I already have my favorite actors and actresses; albeit, I don’t know their names.

Dec 31, 2006

First WEDDING Anniversary


I would like to thank you…

For the adobo you cook (my favorite dish of all)

For the bachoy in the morning and the sliced bread for breakfast

For irritating the hell out of me with your farts, which seems to give me brain freezes

For the late night talks

For the quarrels…oh, geeze! The quarrels. They say that when two people loves each other passionately, they would quarrel with as much passion… Well, I think we pass that description.

For our little girl. There could be no thank you enough for her. She is just simply my life’s miracle, just as you have always been.
For holding on when times were tough, were really tough, and
were really, really tough.
For your faith. I can conquer mountains because of that.
For washing our clothes and never complaining that I never have. I did ONCE…at least.
For being my savior and my protector.
For the ears that never fail to listen to all my gossips and my never ending complaints.
For your patience because you have a lot of it.
For shrugging off my bitchiness and my nastiness.
For always wanting to give the best for us and for our children and never failing to be the best husband and father that you can be.
For every little thing that you have done, have not done, said and did.
But most of all for your love.

Ba, I could go on and on forever and ever about how much grateful I am and how lucky I am to have you for a husband, but words will never suffice.

Thank you for putting up with me.
For loving me this whole year through.

And for the promise that you will always do.
Happy Anniversary.

Dec 27, 2006

Oh Happy Day!

We just received a wonderful news and I am happy!

What's the news? My hubby is okay and we have...umm...60 or so years to be together.

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

And may the new year be a year where your heart's prayer will be answered.

Merry Christmas to those far away from me, especially to...
1. Bes
2. Rarye.
3. Muni
4. Lonlon
5. To all those who reads this and I do not know that they do.

This is my bullshit new years resolution:
1. I will learn to cook. (When Ate Liza learns to carry a Celine Dion-worthy tune...probably nevah!)
2. I will be a dutiful and caring wife. (Yeah sure. When the hell freezes the freakin' devil's ass off! But I will really try baba...)
3. I will stay off playing Sims (and of course, by that time I have stopped breathing.)
4. I will seriously turn to my review for the Bar. (God! HELP ME!!!)
5. I will find a job paying me a freaking lot of money by October (Even if I have to coerce my sister in taking me to UK)
6. I will be a very patient mother...
7. I will never miss a Sunday Mass.
8. Have I said I will learn to cook?
9. What about being a soft-spoken wife?
10. Ah, yeah and how about staying off playing Sims to pass the Bar?
11. oh. I forgot. I have to DIET AND lose all this freaking weight!!!

Dec 18, 2006

the sound of bells...again

China is getting married...

Bon voyage girlfriend.

CONFESSION: I am happy that you have found your happiness, but still there is that little part of me wishing that you will be walking in the aisle with "him" beside you...

but as I always say...

Cest la vie.

Dec 14, 2006

ala -- just ala.

She fascinates me.

Not in a homosexual way, okay. (Although I have nothing against homosexuals, they are fine with me as they have the right to breathe as well).

Ala Paredes fascinates me.

She has the face that women loves (if they don't actually hate it). And she has that certain air -- that I-don't-give-a-shit air.

But I liked her more when I started reading her blog and found out that she is actually pretty intelligent and talented. I guess the fascination also comes from actually being able to go beyond the face and read the thoughts and have an actual idea of the person.

But what I like best about Aya is that she likes Panky!!! I was wondering if I am the only one who liked Panky. I figured, she's the actual real person in that Academy. Even Yeng admits that being aware of how she would project herself to the public, she allows a lot of bullshit to happen to her when all she wants to do is actually fucking scream. ( I think my blasphemy does not speak well of me as a mother, huh?). But Panky seems beyond that though she worries, of course.

But I digress..

Anyways, back to Ala.

Check her out -- She might probably fascinate you too.

my confessed selfishness

Sometimes, I am selfish.

I am damn selfish.

It has been weeks since Reming deemed it a duty to wipe out Albay from the map. We were in Lagonoy when that happened. Erbe was busy sleeping and my daughter was fussing and crying, while I was worrying myself to early grave. It was utterly scary. I now know how Noah feels while waiting for the storm to pass... it was just for like 8 hours or so, imagine 40 days and 40 nights, and with elephants tooting their horns!

But why am I selfish?

Because I am.

Once I've learned what happened in Albay, I couldn't get enough newspapers to read the "happenings". I wonder why it's human nature to act utterly concerned and devastated when tragedy happens, but in actual truth they are relishing it. Relishing the sheer morbidity of increasing body counts, destruction, and the fact that they were untouched. Lucky. I do. I couldn't get enough of "how horrible it was." Still, there is still that humane part of me...actually emphatizing.

But that is not why I am selfish. I am because inspite of the tragedy that happened, all I could think about is how this fuck up storm inconvenienced me. Disturbed my existence.

No TV.
No Internet.
No Aircon.

Fucking boring.

And no pinoy dream academy.

I missed a lot.

I am glad though that Panky stays.