The Benefits of Oregano

Oregano (Scientific name: Origanum vulgare) is also known as Wild Marjoram, Mountain Mint, Origanum, Wintersweet and Winter Marjoram.

Hand of Hope: Samuel Alexander Armas

A picture began circulating in November. It should be "The Picture of the Year," or perhaps, "Picture of the Decade." It won't be. In fact, unless you obtained a copy of the paper, you probably will never see it.

Tracey Connelley, Baby P's Evil Mom, Shows NO Remorse

I have never been affected by any story as much as Baby P's story has affected me. Yesterday evening, I found myself sobbing twice! I just can't get over the sheer horror of the story.

Baby P's Murderers -- Why Are They Being Protected?

In my country, it has never happened before that the media and the people have been forbidden to actually reveal the names and faces of TC and SB, the murderers of Baby P.

That Winter The Wind Blows Finale: Did Oh Soo Die?

Over the holy week break, I spent the entire four days just watching the 15 episodes of this Korean show. Yes, I am a self-confessed Korean drama addict. I already have my favorite actors and actresses; albeit, I don’t know their names.

Jun 28, 2011

Eccentricities and Idiosyncracies

Like most people, I probably take me for granted. You know how it goes. You like certain things - and you don't really give it much thought. You like certain ways and you shrug it off because these are the things that you know about you.

Like you, I have my own eccentricities and idiosyncracies. I have just never bothered to take notice.

For instance, I don't like newly-cooked rice. I don't like eating hot rice, so I prefer to eat leftover rice. I also love eating rice topped with milk and milo - or sometimes, milk with sugar. It was only in college that I realize how weird this is and that was only after my bestfriend repeatedly pointed out the fact and made a big show out of trying it out for herself. She loved it too. But she also has her own set of idiosyncracies. so.

If I am not going out after I take a bath, I refuse to comb my hair. I don't know why. But when I pat dry my hair, I need to count to 30. I don't know where 30 came from.

I sleep with half of my face covered - not the whole of it, just the half of it. I figured a long time ago, I can avoid seeing ghosts without suffocating if I only have my eyes covered. I don't know how I come up with that one.

I turn my nose up at shoes. I, however, salivate when I see books. I don't like shoes and I particularly don't like high-heeled ones. I guess this stems from growing up being extremely conscious about my height. That is why I prefer slippers. Women love shoes. I just don't understand why they do.

I, however, understand the fascination for perfumes, expensive ones. I love 'em. Fortunately, I don't need to buy them because my sister loves them too and she never fails to buy 'em for me. :)

When I brush my teeth, I always have the need to do 10 strokes for every area. front teeth. 10 strokes. molars. 10 strokes. incisors. 10 strokes and so on and so forth.

I have an unquestionable love for rain. Rain, even just the sound of it, immediately perks me up. I guess I've never had a bad memory associated with rain. Rain brings to mind a lot of good memories. cakes when I was 5 years old...
...playing under the rain...
...dancing under the rain...
...kissing under the rain...
...curled up in bed with a good book...
...wet branches that I spend hours drawing...

lots and lots of good memories. feel good memories.

I don't like seafoods except for shrimps. I hate everything else. Okay, hate is a strong word. Still, I would rather not eat seafoods except for shrimp. Shrimp, however, is something my sister and love. Shrimp means 2 hours of great conversation with my sister over a plateful of shrimps that we'd devour. We love fish sauce with lemon juice to go with our shrimp. Truth is, my sister and I love to dip anything on fish sauce with lemon juice. We realized that our penchance for it has become a bit weird when our cousin pointed it out to us.

I don't like chocolate ice cream. It's fine as long as it's not pure chocolate. I don't like when it's all brown. I figured ice creams should have a bit of everything, so every bite is a surprise.

Speaking of chocolate, I don't like dark brown ones or the pure chocolate ones. I, however, love love love milk chocolates.

The list goes on and on. I bet you have them too, huh?

I may probably never learn to love shoes, but that's okay. It's not a capital crime and I can always get away with turning my nose up at shoes. I can be a shoe-snob for the rest of my life and it wouldn't hurt anyone.  So, what are your eccentricities? Better, what makes you wonderfully weird?

Jun 21, 2011

Thoughts on Death

Death. It's not something you want to think about or talk about.  Life is too precious to think about dying, but every now and then death confronts you.  It rears its ugly head and it reveals itself in the most horrific ways.  Sometimes, death is silent.  It comes in the middle of the night and it takes people away in a sweet embrace.  Most people would probably wish that for themselves.  I do.  I want death to come to me when I'm asleep and I wouldn't even know that I am dying.  That's probably how I want to die.

Sometimes, death comes with a warning and it allows you a few more precious minutes, hours, days, months, years with your loved ones to prepare them and to prepare yourself.  I wish that for myself as well. I wish that I'd be able to prepare my loved ones before I die.

Regardless of how I want to die, I want to be able to say first that I lived a life that is fully lived. I want to be able to tell myself that I have made a mark on the lives of people.  In the end, it doesn't matter how much money you have in your bank account or what kind of car you drive.  Those things do not matter.  What matters is that you lived your life fully and loved for all your worth.
Last night, we were told that my mother-in-law has only a few months to live if her body does not respond to chemotherapy.  I started crying.  We are hoping that she'd respond to chemotherapy.  We are hoping that we can buy off time.  That she can bargain for more time.   We can only pray for that.  It's all a blur right now.  We're all in denial, but we're praying. It's all we can do now.

Jun 20, 2011

Running Thoughts Again

I have been tapping...tapping.. because I feel so much that I want to explode. I have been tapping on these keys and I'd immediately find myself erasing what I have written.  I wanted to write about Life and how cruel it can be.  Life is definitely what happens when you are planning something else.

Curiously, I can't seem to find the right words. I can't seem to catch my thoughts. They're everywhere.

I feel sad. sad, yes, primarily.
I feel melancholic.  I think that word is more accurate.

You know what I wish?  That I'd get a break.  That I can finally get rid of things that I should get rid of.  I just want one day - just one day that I wouldn't think..................................
Is that too much to ask?

I'm blabbering now. Damn it.

To Whom It May Concern

Jun 15, 2011

Online Storage :)

Jun 13, 2011

Minds That Matter

Jinx, I took this on the second day of classes. They were/are not required to use uniforms yet. :)

Jun 11, 2011

Get Fun and Chic Hospital Uniforms and Scrubs!

Once upon a time, I was on my way home when I saw this guy wearing a white scrub for men standing in front of a local drug store.  I can't remember his face now.  I just remember thinking that he looked like an angel.  I couldn't stop staring and he was staring back. Looking back, he was probably thinking, "Why is this weird girl staring at me?"  The car sped up and that was it - I never saw him again. I'd probably wouldn't recognize him anyway since I don't remember his face.  Truth be told, I'm probably married to him.  My husband used to wear white hospital uniforms, so yeah. I figured that guy could have been my husband.

Anyway, since then, white surgical scrubs and medical scrubs have always appealed to me.  I'd often find myself staring at doctors uniforms when I'm in the hospital.  They look so great, don't they?  I don't know if it's just me, but these uniforms are just incredibly comforting.  Anyway, if you are a doctor or a nurse, you maybe probably bored with your uniform.  As much as I am fascinated with these hospital garbs, people who are wearing them daily probably do not enjoy wearing them as much.  My sister, a nurse, certainly feels that way.  She stands for hours while on duty and she prefers nursing scrubs and uniforms that are comfortable.  She sometimes shops online.

I love reading reviews and when it comes to scrubs and hospital garbs, I've read wonderful reviews about  Their uniforms are 100% cotton and wonderfully wrinkle free!  Their coats and scrubs are cut in a way that nurses and doctors would look slim while wearing them.  Their products also comes with a lot of pockets, so nurses and doctors can bring just about everything they need when they go on rounds.  I particularly like their scrubs hats.  They're wonderfully chic and fun.  You will once again look forward to wearing your uniform! Everything looks incredibly chic and comfortable - and for doctors and nurses who are doing practically 24 hours of work, the words "chic and comfortable" definitely sound good.

Here's the link people!

Disclaimer: Paid Post

A Barbie Called Lyn

I played with Barbie dolls today.

I found one of Paige's dolls at the back of the washing machine. It was filthy. I found another one inside the hamper of dirty clothes and it was even dirtier. I found another on top of my law books and yes, it was dirty. They were all naked.  I took all three and I gave them a bath. It was like 1989 all over again. I gave them a bath and then I spent countless minutes untangling their hair. For an hour or so, I was a kid - and I loved it.

I used to have lots and lots of Barbie dolls. Kris and I would play with them for hours, inventing stories - and even then, I was great at creating stories for my sister. Oh, yes, it was always love stories with Ken cheating on Barbie, or some nasty broad stealing Ken away from Barbie. My 5-year-old sister was always fascinated with my stories. I, however, used to go to Ate Let's house and she'd tell me her own stories.

She'd take out Lyn, her one and only Barbie doll and we'd play with Lyn. Lyn's boyfriend was a ruler - yes, a ruler. Ate Let must have hated Kris Aquino because Kris Aquino was always stealing the ruler away from Lyn. Lyn's best friend is Timmy (the singer - I forgot the last name). Regardless of the fact that we were playing with a ruler, I'd spend hours just listening to Ate's stories and I'd come back for more.

Lyn was an old doll. Ate must have combed her hair countless of times because it was thinning, but Lyn was special. That doll was taken care of well. Ate Let treated it like it was a precious gem - and this is probably why despite the fact that I had 10 Barbie dolls, I've always thought of Lyn as special. I didn't even mind that my Barbie dolls were always the antagonists. I didn't care.  I thought that it was just right considering how special Lyn was.

Looking back, I probably just thought it was special because that's how Ate Let regarded her.  Lyn was, after all, her only doll.

I guess that's just it for everyone. We have our own "Lyn". It doesn't matter what it is. We have things that we regard as precious and it doesn't matter to us how it looks like or what people thinks of it.

So, what is my "Lyn"?

Not what, but who?  Mine is my husband.  He's a bit rough around the edges. He is not perfect and yes, someday, he'd likely lose his hair, but I'd probably always think of him as the most handsome man in the world. And it doesn't matter what anybody else's think.

Jun 5, 2011

I Can't Figure It Out

So, here's what I have been thinking...

For quite a while now, I haven't been going to Church. I have been a lost sheep. I don't have a problem with God. I believe there is one. I have no doubts about that. Let us not go into the semantics of the words God and existence. I have a problem with priests who rape and abuse children, wipe their hands and spout platitudes from the pulpit. I have a problem with the Church that turns a blind eye to all that. So, I refused to go to church for a while.

But anyway, after the series of unfortunate events that happened, I was repeatedly blamed for what was happening. I was repeatedly hearing the words, "because you probably do not go to Church anymore." People kept telling me, "God must be doing this to remind you to go to Church."

So, yeah, what they're saying is that God is in a snit (forgive me, Lord for that description) and he's throwing a tantrum, punishing me and my child with encephalitis and my mother with aortic sclerosis because I was not going to Church. Never mind that I do not hurt people or that I am a good person or that I pray! God has a problem with me, so he's reminding me by doing all that. Okay.

But then again, I've also heard in the past people saying that when you're truly closed to God and he gives you problem, that would be because He does not want you to go astray. He wants to test your faith and he wants to see how far you can take without giving up. This confuses me. If you are far from God, you get "reminded" and he gives you a lot of problems. If you are close to God, he "tests" you and he gives you a lot of problems. Either way, you're screwed basically.

Also, God is there with you. He punishes you but he never gives you anything you cannot bear because just like in the story "Footprints in the Sand", he carries you when you're heavily burden. So, why give problems in the first place when he just ends up carrying you?

Yep, I am being blasphemous here. Completely and utterly blasphemous. But really, how do you figure all these things out? Comments to help me out will be greatly appreciated.

Women Love Men in Scrubs

Women just love men in uniform, but you know what else they love? Men in scrubs. Seriously! There’s a certain appeal that goes with the white scrubs.  Call it stereotyping, but you certainly can’t deny the fact. Aside from the impression of stability that these scrubs create, they also give out the impression that you guys (lucky enough to legitimately wear one!) are all-around neat to live with – and women just love men who certainly know how to keep house.

If you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, you’ve probably seen Derek a.k.a. McDreamy fashioning these doctor lab coats and these really cute scrub hats. I think like most women, he graduates from mere “cute” guy to a really “dreamy” one.

What’s this entry all about? Well, I came across the and I saw that they are actually selling the cutest products for doctors and nurses. If you’re a nurse or a doctor, you really should check out the site. The products are top-of-the-line. They use quality materials that will probably last you a long, long time. I think what sets their hospital uniforms apart from the rest of the products online is the fact that these uniforms are not only functional but incredibly fun too! Just check out this scrub hat – fun! 

Seriously, putting the words "cute", "fun", "dreamy doctors" aside, I did a review on this site before and have actually read a lot of reviews on this site. Medical professionals really enjoy buying their products from here.  The quality of their products are impeccable.  It doesn't hurt that the designs are pretty playful.  This is definitely the go-to site for doctors and nurses looking to buy hospital uniforms.

Here's the link people!

Jun 4, 2011

And So I Continue...

with the 365 Thought Provoking Questions to Ask Yourself This Year. So, here goes:

If you had to teach something, what would you teach?
I'd do a course on Love like Leo Buscaglia OR I'd teach literature, definitely. I'd teach students about tolerance, acceptance and the danger of having a bigoted mind.

What would you regret not fully doing, being or having in your life?
I try not to regret anything I've done in my life, but I do. I do have things I regret, but I definitely do not regret doing the things I did in 1999-2002.  I do not regret being a mother and obviously having my kids in my life.

Are you holding onto something that you need to let go of?
Yes, some ghosts of the past. some regrets.

Jun 3, 2011

Ang Pasyon...Bow!

I woke up to this sound this morning... How'd you like that, huh? I can't even understand a single word they're singing..or rather wailing. Forgive my blasphemous post.
I did not wake up happy, that's for sure.
But then again, I wasn't too happy with my dreams either. I was dreaming of a ghost. Darn that blasted ghost.


Paige on Boyfriends

I want to share this video of Paige. It'll make you laugh, giggle or at least smile, I promise. :)
Yes, she doesn't use "po". It's tragic. We forgot to use "po" around her while she's growing up, so she doesn't know how to use it. Anyway, never mind the po. Just watch the vid. Tinapay, I hope this makes you giggle.