Apr 4, 2013

That Winter The Wind Blows Finale: Did Oh Soo Die?


Over the holy week break, I spent the entire four days just watching the 15 episodes of this Korean show. Yes, I am a self-confessed Korean drama addict. I already have my favorite actors and actresses; albeit, I don’t know their names. Smile 

I came across the show That Winter, The Wind Blows while looking for something to watch.  It’s the #1 show in Korea for the past two months. I love the lead actress. She’s just too beautiful for words. Anyway, the finale was shown yesterday and I got to see it today.  Everybody in the show’s Facebook page was like, “Did Oh Soo (the lead actor) die? Was it just Young’s imagination?”

The first video I saw lead me to believe that Oh Soo died in the end. I was devastated. I was freaking out. I was furious. I wanted the writer dead as well.  But then I watched it again - and this time I watched a video with different subtitles, different from the other one I saw. 
This video lead me to change my mind. I conclude that it was a happy ending. I think Ji Sung and Hee Sun were just really talking about bringing flowers to Oh Soo, and that's that.  (Maybe Oh Soo has adopted gardening as a hobby after all the gardening he did in Young's greenhouse. ) They didn't say that they brought flowers to Oh Young as well. Blasted subtitles. They're confusing me. I wish I can speak Korean. So, yeah. This is a happy ending. Hurray!

But do you want proof?

When Song Hye Kyo in her Star Interview was asked if she was satisfied with the happy ending, she said, "Of course. I always liked tragic outcomes, but this time, both the hero and heroine went through so much hardship that I thought, It would be nice if they could be happy. I am happy with the final scene where Oh Young makes eye contact with Soo."

See? That confirms it, right?

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