Who is Piebuko?

I’m 31 years old and I’m a mother and a wife.

I once wrote a series of mini-stories. The last time I heard, my sister’s classmates were reading that “book”. I never saw it again. I was in senior year high school.

Class of 1997.2001.2006.

In my spare time, I like to cook whatever catches my fancy. I am a mediocre cook but I can make you a mean beef pochero.

I love music.  I seem to like the twanging in country music. It’s weird, I know.
I do not think of myself as a “big deal”.

I am a people person – when I feel like it.

I am far from being complicated, but I am extremely moody and gawd! I do have a terrible, terrible temper.

I don’t like my name.

I am extremely tall. I hated that fact when I was in High School.

I love horses. I always have. I love them as much as I love poetry and white daisies.

I am a crybaby. I cry at everything. I cry at stupid soppy commercials. And I couldn’t stop crying when Denny on Grey’s Anatomy died.

I am a movie geek. I download movies the minute they’re available online.

I have great friends. They’re all unique wonderful individuals. They’re all crazy too!

I was never the kind of girl who’d get Heartbroken for a long time. I don’t understand women/girls who’d do things just to get their men back. Sadly though, this attitude has led me to hurt and lose “people” that I truly cared about.

I hate small talks. They’re excruciatingly painful.  I don’t care about the weather and I especially don’t care about “what you are now”.

My biggest regret is the fact that I’ve written sappy love letters to all my exes. I cringe when I think of the things I said. Ugh. I’ve once written a 25-page letter to one ex. It’s practically a freaking thesis paper!  Recently, I’ve learned that it’s actually a 29-page letter – and no, he hasn’t burnt it.  I don’t know how I feel about that. I like the fact that he kept it though.

I’ve written poems for every ex and every crush and practically every guy I talked to. (rolling my eyes here)

I love taking a walk with Paige over the bridge near our house at sunset.  And fairly soon enough, I’d be walking with Paige and Riley over that bridge.

I hate Christmas. I’m one of those people who are depressed during the holidays.

I am fascinated with black and white photographs.

I love the rain. I love the feel of raindrops.

I am a mediocre painter, artist, singer and writer but I wish otherwise.

I hate slapsticks. I like people with cruel and wicked sense of humor.

I am naturally distrustful.

I like reading dailymail.co.uk. So, I’m updated on everything that’s happening in England. It’s weird. That site has the most fascinating stories.

I suffer from migraines.

I would love to meet Oprah.

I still dream of having curly hairs despite my one-time horrible experience with curly hair.

I love things messy.

I am the jeans and shirts type of girl/woman.

I love my husband’s adobo. There’s nothing in the world that tastes much better.

I love mocha cake and double dutch ice-cream.

I am a lover of books. The best places in the world to me are bookshops and libraries. The first time I saw the library scene in Beauty and the Beast, I envied Belle for all those books.

I would like to go Bungee Jumping or sky diving.

I am dreaming of visiting Scotland, especially the Highlands and I will soon.

My husband is the love of my life and I think no one in this world is as strong as him.

I sleep with mosquito net wrap around my feet but first I have to pry them off of my husband’s feet.

I’ve said goodbye to a couple of friends. They’re no longer my friends. I don’t regret losing them.

I think of my Mom as the “Wind beneath My Wings”.

There are only two people in this world who know the real me - my husband and my sister.
I love sleeping late. I like being awake when everybody else is asleep.

I am called Tere by many but my closest friends call me Tetet.

I’m a work in progress.