Jul 20, 2016

I Read Your Flickr Comment 10 Years Later

I just read a comment on a Flickr photo which someone left 10 years ago. It was filled with  hatred and vitriolic language. The person who left the comment really hated me - and of course, I know only one person who feels or felt like that. I also know I never did this person wrong. I just had - and still have - what this person desperately wanted.

The one who left the comment probably didn't realize that what she said wouldn't hurt because first off, none of it was true. Secondly, her opinion - especially when stated "anonymously" - doesn't have any weight at all.

Here's a fun fact for you guys - I've always believed that you can't please everyone. So, you need to choose the people whose opinion matters to you. Generally, this should be people who love you or want what's best for you. That's how I've always lived my life. So, if you're leaving me an anonymous comment that is meant to rile me up - you need to love me first for me to give a flying f*ck. :)

It was a sad comment though - full of insults, bitterness and hatred. This person actually made an effort to create an account just to stalk me and leave the comment. I'm so sorry I didn't read it at that time. All her efforts were in vain.

The person also mentioned my blog in her comment, so apparently, she also followed my posts back then (which I know for a fact she did.) Someone mentioned to me that she even had my blog bookmarked. Sad, huh? It was almost pathetic, truth be told.  I wonder what happened to her now. It must not have been that easy to live with that much hatred or bitterness. I hope she's moved on by now though. Jesus Christ, it has been a decade already, and she's pushing...what? 50? 60?

Anyway, if you're still reading my blog. You finally got your response to your comment. You're welcome. :)

And if you're not the one who actually left the comment, and it was somebody else on your behalf, you're still welcome.

Now, stop reading my blog posts and get on with your life. Gahd.