The Benefits of Oregano

Oregano (Scientific name: Origanum vulgare) is also known as Wild Marjoram, Mountain Mint, Origanum, Wintersweet and Winter Marjoram.

Hand of Hope: Samuel Alexander Armas

A picture began circulating in November. It should be "The Picture of the Year," or perhaps, "Picture of the Decade." It won't be. In fact, unless you obtained a copy of the paper, you probably will never see it.

Tracey Connelley, Baby P's Evil Mom, Shows NO Remorse

I have never been affected by any story as much as Baby P's story has affected me. Yesterday evening, I found myself sobbing twice! I just can't get over the sheer horror of the story.

Baby P's Murderers -- Why Are They Being Protected?

In my country, it has never happened before that the media and the people have been forbidden to actually reveal the names and faces of TC and SB, the murderers of Baby P.

That Winter The Wind Blows Finale: Did Oh Soo Die?

Over the holy week break, I spent the entire four days just watching the 15 episodes of this Korean show. Yes, I am a self-confessed Korean drama addict. I already have my favorite actors and actresses; albeit, I don’t know their names.

Dec 16, 2012

Old Lady Vajayjay Day

Life has been...well, rather predictable.  It's a happy life, but it's a predictable one.  Even ghosts and helpers scratching each other's eyes out are predictable.  But every now and then, something unexpected, I blog.

Earlier this morning, we decided to eat lunch at Greenwich after Paige's event.  While eating, Riley wanted to go "pee-pee".  So, I grabbed her and ran to the bathroom. It was occupied, so we had to wait for a bit. While waiting, this old lady arrived and waited as well.  When the door opened, she tried to get through first. I knew I had to give in, but I was holding a toddler who was all too ready to pee.  I figured, old bat vs. my daughter, daughter wins hands down, so I nudged her to the side, and entered the door, but the old lady followed immediately and locked the door behind her. I had no time to close the door, and Riley was already peeing in her undies!  So, I had to set her down on the toilet fast.  The old lady stood behind me and started making the "whish..whish..whish..." sound to get Riley to probably work her bladder faster.

So, anyway, after Riley finished peeing, I grabbed her, stood her by the sink to remove her undies.  It is at this point that I saw the old lady, lift her skirt, whipped her panties to the side and started to pee.  She did not remove her panties.  She just grabbed the cloth covering her crotch, whipped it to the side and peed!  Yes, I saw it and everything else that cannot be unseen. Que horror!


Obviously, we couldn't get out just yet.  So, I stood there, holding Riley, stared at the door and marveled at my amazing luck. I was not in the mood for an Old Lady's Vagina day, but well, that was what Fate had in store for me.  I kept biting my tongue until she finished with her Amazon River-like pee.  And when she finally finished, I rushed outside and started laughing and laughing.