Nov 20, 2008

Baby P's Murderers -- Why Are They Being Protected?

In my country, it has never happened before that the media and the people have been forbidden to actually reveal the names and faces of TC and SB, the murderers of Baby P. Many people are likely wondering why the government is seemingly protecting the murderers of Baby P?

They say that the reason behind this is to give these people the chance to live a normal life once they are out of prison. The government is also protecting these people from vigilantes -- like me -- who want to chop their heads off and feed them to a hungry pack of wolves. Bloodthirsty, huh?

Anyway, I understand that the government has to recognize that these people have rights as well. And the court has to take these rights into consideration. I understand this. I know how the due process work and I know all the rights of an accused -- well, in our country's setting of course. But no matter how much I tell myself that they have rights, I always end up saying, "Rights, my ass!" They are not human. They should go to Pluto and perhaps borrow some rights there. They should have no rights. In fact, if there were capital punishment, these people are practically DEAD MEN walking. Ironically though, they were not even convicted of a capital crime, which is really amazing. I'd even go far to actually suggest that the UK government should also review their laws on these kinds of cases.

Anyway, I was thinking -- do these people deserve a normal life?

Do they deserve to be forgiven for what they did to that innocent beautiful boy? Do they deserve to have a second chance? Do you think that it is possible that they'd change? Is it possible that a stint in the prison would change Steven Barker's tendencies to torture babies? It is possible that Tracey Connelley could still be a better mother? Does she have the right to her children? What kind of life do you think they deserve?

On the other hand, do people really have the right to know what they look like? Do people have the right to know their names?

This is the latest picture of Baby P that was posted by Daily Mail. This picture was taken when Baby P was 11 months. Six months later, he was dead.
After seeing the picture and the traces of pain inflicted on this little angel, I started bawling again.

Image Hosted by

Look at that mark near his eye. I keep thinking that he was so small. He couldn't fight back. I know because my daughter is 17 months old and she has little arms and little body. She can get hurt so easily if we are not careful.

A mother is supposed to protect her child fiercely from any harm. I can't imagine how she was able to bear with his cries. I want to say that TC deserves a second chance, but in my heart, I can't say that. She doesn't have a heart and you can't be a mother or a human being if you don't have a heart.

Now, what about SB? Well, I just want him to suffer the way he made Baby P suffer -- I want him to suffer more. I know that's not a very Christian thing to say, but that guy is pure evil.

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Anonymous said...

The identities of these people were being protected simply because there were already three other innocent children involved - her 3 daughters, who somehow have to attempt to live a normal life. And now there is another innocent life in all of this - a baby born in hospital. The British courts do not protect identities for the sake of the criminals having a normal life, it was always to protect the remaining children.

Anonymous said...

The identities of these people were being protected simply because there were already three other innocent children involved - her 3 daughters, who somehow have to attempt to live a normal life. And now there is another innocent life in all of this - a baby born in hospital. The British courts do not protect identities for the sake of the criminals having a normal life, it was always to protect the remaining children.

Andrej said...

I agree with everything you said. I hope BABY P you feel our love for you.

Justin Walsh said...

Why are these people being protected when the same laws could not protect and 18 month old baby Helpless little boy?

This is what is wrong with the world today 1 law for the victim the other for the aggressor. With the aggressor getting protection in the name of human rights.

What about ARE rights?

Lets see the b***ards!

earthlingorgeous said...

Well, you know the bulls&%$# about innocent until proven guilty! ACK! That's why they don't show their faces. But what evidence do they need right it's all evident here! Goodness children are so innocent and angels who don't keep grudges so look at him there still smiling sweetly. Sigh. Some people just don't have a heart? I refuse to believe that but it seems true.

Anyway, I have a tag for you here. And hopefully you join my 1st blog giveaway for my blog anniversary! See yah!

Mark said...

The three girls and that newborn baby should be kept away from that evil bitch!!!
They aren't safe with her!!
They doesn't deserve to have children after what they did to that poor little boy!

My sympathies and condolences go to the boy's father and grandmother because i can't imagine the pain they must be going through at the moment knowing that they will never get to see that lovely little boy grow up.

Them bastards think they can live a normal life after this?
We'll they're wrong because this is going to haunt them for the rest of their lives!

Anonymous said...

Everybody saying that these people will get it in prison or outside are dreaming ! We live in such an awful society where they will be protected in solitary prison until the terms ar eup where upon they will be released with new names and identities and probably plastic surgery etc. to protect them paid for with UK taxpayers money, that is justice ! Real justice would be to re-enact to them their acts every day for the rest of their lives

Anonymous said...

the remaining children should be taken away from that evil woman!!...far far away! is not their fault what has happend to baby p...i hope that woman and her lover suffer in jail the way they left their son to suffer for their own sick pleasure!!

Anonymous said...

Apparently one or more of the three are accused of additional crimes which they are yet to stand trial for (presumably Jason Owen is not since there is no court order restricting publishing of his name). Note that the court order also prohibits any mention of Baby P's potential siblings, and also prohibits mention of the reason why their names are being withheld.

If you really want justice to be served, delete all mention of their names until all proceedings are finished. Otherwise, they can argue that a fair trial isn't possible and have the charges dropped.

Let's allow them to get the maximum jail sentences they can -- then you can publish their names and photos.

Anonymous said...

i think they should all get tourchered the way they tourchered peter.and the 15 year old girl who said nothin should also be punished.

Anonymous said...

So many unanswered questions
Where was the natuural father of these children???? I have just read that the vile pig of a so called mother had 3 more children. Where were these poor darlings? had they already been rescued while Baby Peter was left to suffer alone or were they also subject to this appauling abuse? Quite rightly they should not be named etc but I am very curious to know where these children were while this was happenening as surely if they were there the social servises would of had cause to investiate all 4 children as surely the abuse would not have been exclusive for Peter???
Also who was the mystery 15 year old, my guess is she was the groomed pet belonging to sick pedophile Jason who would have been more than likely in no state to resuce herself let alone a child. What a world we live in lets hope justice is served in any way possible!! RIP to all children who were never saved and murdered by the ones who were meant to protect them xxx
I just cant stop thinking about this its beyond comprehention that a child could be treated this way by its own mother.

Anonymous said...

All child killers/abusers should be steralised WITHOUT EXCEPTION once convicted, so they are unable to produce yet more poor ofspring to abuse and torture once released from prison. You do gooding PC correct nutters may argue this is breach of their human rights, in my opinion human rights should not exsist in this type of event as where were this childs human rights while he was being tortured daily? Bring back the death penalty as most of the hard working decent people of this country want it back, just look at the state we have become without it!!!

D.Ogilvy said...

I wrote about Tracey Connolly and Steven Barker in the Daily Telegraph and was banned.The only reason for the ban was the Metropolitan Police yet again telling us (poor schmuck taxpayers) what to do. Britain is a de facto police state. Revolution January 2009!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I would personally like to cut off parts of their bodies while they are still alive and feed them to hungry pigs and keep them alive whilst doing it !!

Anonymous said...

I think people definatley have a right to see their pictures and know their names. In five years her or her sick boyfriend could move next door to me and my child and Id want to know!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what people are saying and it is highly unusual that names havent been mentioned but I think that this might be that other charges may be brought and the defence may claim an 'unfair trial'. I can't believe that there can be any other reason for this. Just think about it not one of those people have been charged with murder but rather 'allowing' it. Thats what I can't get my head around! Does anyone out there think that I may be right, there must be other stuff we don't know about and there must be a reason why the judge put a gagging order on the media and the press.

Anonymous said...

It has really affected me, I keep thinking how that poor lonely child must have felt, the pain and suffering he went through...I want more than anything for the evil 'step dad' and 'mother' (NOT!) to be tortured and put through what they put poor Peter through..they ask for it, he didn't. I wish I had the power to do something to bring Peter the justice he deserves. He is a star in the night sky.

Anonymous said...

The names have not been released because there is yet another trial pending, after that their names will be published.

Baby Peter's poor little sister only 2 at the time was raped by this monster, the same one who caused baby Peter's death.

The next trial is believed to start in about a month so Channel 4 said.

ed said...

I have never ever read a case which is just so sad or as evil as this case, what could possibly have motivated 2 grown men and a grown woman to do this, its beyond my grasp and comprehension. They aint even been charged with murder, just causing his death. This steven barker fella has just been convicted of raping baby p's sister, his brother was living with them a known and registered sex offender and paedophile, and yet the social workers over and above serious advice from the police to remove this child and take him into care, returned him to these monsters, wtf, how did that happen?

f*cking execute these animals, and lets make sure no other child ever has to suffer the way this child did EVER AGAIN.

Inga said...

I hope they rot in hell!!!

Anonymous said...

S Barker (the b*****d) will die in jail, he will be torture and treated 10 times worse than the way he treated that little angel, he will see hell twice, three times or more... believe me he will not go out from that jail alive....