The Benefits of Oregano

Oregano (Scientific name: Origanum vulgare) is also known as Wild Marjoram, Mountain Mint, Origanum, Wintersweet and Winter Marjoram.

Hand of Hope: Samuel Alexander Armas

A picture began circulating in November. It should be "The Picture of the Year," or perhaps, "Picture of the Decade." It won't be. In fact, unless you obtained a copy of the paper, you probably will never see it.

Tracey Connelley, Baby P's Evil Mom, Shows NO Remorse

I have never been affected by any story as much as Baby P's story has affected me. Yesterday evening, I found myself sobbing twice! I just can't get over the sheer horror of the story.

Baby P's Murderers -- Why Are They Being Protected?

In my country, it has never happened before that the media and the people have been forbidden to actually reveal the names and faces of TC and SB, the murderers of Baby P.

That Winter The Wind Blows Finale: Did Oh Soo Die?

Over the holy week break, I spent the entire four days just watching the 15 episodes of this Korean show. Yes, I am a self-confessed Korean drama addict. I already have my favorite actors and actresses; albeit, I don’t know their names.

Jun 29, 2005

I hate my height! Anybody want some inch?

Again, this is how people here are.. dwarfs!!! bunch of freakin dwarfs! Most men are anyways.

I had the "dakulaon" experience again. I cannot reiterate enough how much i hate, abhor, loathe the word.. especially if it comes with snickers and pure witless comments. AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!

Let me outta here! God! i can't wait for the day when my height would look normal.

CAn this really be normal??

Probably not huh?


Anyways, There is a friend far-away, whom I really miss.. You know who u are! I will prepare an entry and pics especially for you...wherever u are..

NOTE: If the movies have MTRCB, I have Erbe. How can my literary juices flow when He edits, corrects, and pouts when he reads cursed words, or words like penis, vagina or fuck on my blog. Tell me people! Tell me! I told him so that we would avoid the quarrel, buti pa wag na lang siang magbasa, right? Anyways, i love the guy, so I adhere to his wishes. But what is worong with the word PENIS, tell me?!

Jun 28, 2005


Originally uploaded by Silhoutte.
And this was my little brother.. now, my little sister..
GAze at the marvel of science!!!!
TAcy! mag-isip ka! lalaki yan!
lab u nene! just kiddin'

me and bes

me and bes
Originally uploaded by Silhoutte.
This is my bestfriend.. malabo pero she's awfully pretty.. ulitin ko, IF I HAVE A PENIS, I'D MARRY HER! The thing is she deserves someone who'd make her feel really special.. the kind of person who truly deserves her. Pwede kaya si Prince William? hehehe..

Jun 26, 2005

Da Vinci Code

I have read the book.

The thing is everybody who ever read anything that has more than a thousand page in his life read this book.

I had this thing about not doing what everyone wants to do. So I was fairly adamant that I would not read the friggin' book.

Until one day my sister came home with it, read it overnight, and the next day, gushed over its merits.

My Daddy though took the book and read it for about four days, with me peering over his shoulder, demanding that he finished it ASAP!

But when I finally I had it, I waited about two days before reading it, sabi kasi ni Kris, "Once you start, you can't stop." Eh, I was busy with all my school stuffs. Ehem, 4th year na po kasi, Bar review na. hehehe.

So, one night, I started reading it. I started at about 12 in the morning, and couldn't put down the freaking book. Because it started with this bizarre murder and this even more bizarre picture of a man arranging himself in the Vitruvian Man position, silly scared chicken shit that I am, I arranged myself under my sheets, reading it! And even more silly scared chicken shit that I am, I couldn't sleep, when i finally decided to give in to my boooody's demands, though my eyes were very heavy.. I was able to sleep at 4 in the morning! When I woke up, walang toothbrush o hilamos, I finished the book, and came out of the room at 1 in the afternoon!

Now, do you know what I am doing?

I am researching the freakin' facts! I find myself staring at the Last Supper painting or a replica of it hanging on our dining room's wall. I find myself staring at the Mona Lisa in the net while at work. I think and stare and discuss to anyone every single interesting facts! i am a walking freakin' Da Vinci Code Rewind Machine.

Yun nga, i find myself researching on things, and sometimes, I'd raised my eyebrow, sabi ko, "Pucha! Baka gusto man lang ni Da Vinci nakasmile si mona lisa arug kian, so what's the big fuss?!" Why create a mystery when perhaps there is none!

One thing is for sure though, I would always think of the Eiffel Tower as one big phallus. --> huh?! o san yan galing? anong connect?!?

Malayo ang napulot ko sa religious discussions ng book ano? Kanya-kanyang trip lang! hahaha!

Jun 25, 2005


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Benta ko kapatid ko oh, piso lang! pangit naman eh! Tacy o! saimo salapi lang!

Report: Sheer stupidity or Tough Luck

i have a talent.
a talent to do what seems to be weird and off.
and i am the clumsiest person in the planet.

Proof 1
i singlehandedly made an ass out of myself, when i fell down the stairs rolling from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor, while everyone from the top floor were all watching me roll! This was in my university. Talk about "How-was-your-first-day-at-school-honey experiences".

My life is series of accidents.. even my friends, especially settie, avoids my parameters.. i am a walking accident.

Let me give you the latest proofs..

Proof 2i
I was able to suffer a first degree burn by ironing my armpits! Do u know of anyone who has this talent, ironing her freaking armpits?! Na-ah! If da Vinci could create mona lisa, i could very well burn my armpits, i figure.. :)

and last but not the least..

Proof 3
In my clumsiness, today, i cut my thumb, creating 4 deep cuts.. I couldn't find the stupid can opener, so i had to settle to opening the freakin' can with a knife, and thereby in accordance with my stupidity and my talent to hurt myself, i cut myself! Geeze..

Pretty soon, I will endeavor to kill myself with sheer stupidity. Perhaps, i could come back as some freakin' ghost and write that story, but accident prone that i am, my ghost would probably have some sad misfortune as well!


i would like aLL YE people to know this. This blog is mine. I write my opinions, my life, basically, and everything i want to write regardless of the truth or not. So don't take this as the next prophet's message. If you want to read, just read this, damn it! Don't go out and tell people "my truth". Like for instance, if i pair Pipo and Tinay, i just want to! That doesn't mean that they are indeed paired already! If you think, you have problems with what I am writing, then don't read! i am not forcing you to! Don't come on me like it's my fault my blog upsets you! Geeze!

Jun 22, 2005


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Pagpasensyahan mo na ang kapalpakan ko minsan.. most of the time..
Tendency ko magwala..
Impatience ko..
Immaturities ko..
Sa gabos na pangiinsulto ko, miski di ko tuyo.
Sa gabos na kasusupgan na naidulot ko saimo.
Kala lugod ninda under taka, eh sa totoo pagika nagtaram mayo naman akong masabi.
Mas stubborn ka pa sa damulag paghabo mag-araro!
Nabasa nindo? Dai ko ni UNDER. Padangat lang talaga ako. Ako man si abuso!
Ako ang mayong magibo pagnagtaram na iniyo!

Sa pagigi mong mabooton..
Sa pagigi mong mapasensyahon..
Sa pagigi mong maray sako saka sa gabos na importante sako..
Sa pagpadangat na mayong kapantay miski kiisay..
Kung may ex akong nagbabasa kani, nabasa mo?!?! MAYO KA DIGDING SINABI!!!

Mayo man..
Gusto kong maaraman mo..
ika ang buhay ko.

Bessie went home

Originally uploaded by Silhoutte.
this is Since I haven't seen her for about 10 months.. I again am at awe with her beauty. No homosexual tendencies though.

But damn! She is fine!

She is! She is! You just wouldn't see it in her pics… She has this tendency to make faces and inadvertently looks like an idiot. Hehehe..

Anyways, She got me five GIFTS, including the fine necklace..

Note: Wag magtampo ang iba, kung kilala niyo ako, alam niyo how demanding I am. I demanded it from her.

So what are the others, let me see?
1. The necklace. That is given.
2. Shades.
3. A CD of her fave artist in Nuzi (my pet name for New Zealand)
4. A book of photographs.
5. A diary.
And of course, my cho-co-la-tes!

Anyways, we spent one night in Eco village, where we had a blast. We rented this cabin which basically cost us P1,090. It was made of can.. Really! We were all there, the seven of us, all packed like sardines. But it was okay.

What happened?
1. Basted na agad si Bobet ni bes..
2. I think pipo and tinay are getting a little bit more closer.. Wish ko lang! pero true! True!
3. Pipo and Tinay slept together.
4. Shoti and Bes slept together.
5. We all slept together.
6. Gui came late and slept with Jaja and Aye in their cheaper "can".
7. We had a blast.

Thanks Bessie for the treat! Loves you!

Jun 20, 2005

me and ba

Originally uploaded by Silhoutte.
taking pix inside the cabin.. before swimming..

tinay and pipo

Originally uploaded by Silhoutte.
o! magselos na kung sisay man magselos!!! nagkakadevelopan na to! ang sabi! hehehe

my shoti (pa ba?)

Originally uploaded by Silhoutte.
gay or not gay???

having fun!

Originally uploaded by Silhoutte.
on the top of the man-made lagoon..

kissing tin-tin

Originally uploaded by Silhoutte.
this is bessie.. this is inside our canned cabin.. pipo and shoti is with her..ganda nito ha! kahit sino would love to kiss her!

Jun 18, 2005

"the necklace"

Originally uploaded by Silhoutte.

i have been begging erbe to give me a necklace. Last x'mas, i was so excited, i thought he got me that -- did he? No! He gave me an earring!
On our first year anniv, he presented me with a box, and i thought maybe this is it -- was it? No! He gave me a bracelet!

It's not that i don't appreciate what my baba gave me -- but i really, really wanted a freakin' necklace!

Lucky for me, bessie got me a necklace as one of my "five" pasalubongs, which i DEMANDED from her! :)
Thank you bessie. Cute ng necklace ko noh?
i had to blog this because i am so happy!!!

Mt. Isarog

Originally uploaded by

this is mount isarog.. looks pretty, huh?

I took the pic while erbe was sleeping, and i was bored. The bus was moving but I was able to catch a good pic, huh?

Jun 17, 2005

2log s bus

2log s bus
Originally uploaded by
going to lagonoy to visit his lola..

Jun 11, 2005

Time certainly has changed!

Ba & ba

Ba & ba
Originally uploaded by Silhoutte.
this is an actual sketch of us.. costing 60 bucks! 'twas fun.

Jun 10, 2005

The difference


An angel of truth and a dream of fiction,
A woman is a bundle of contradiction,
She's afraid of a wasp, will scream at a mouse,
But will tackle a stranger alone in the house.
Sour as vinegar, sweet as a rose,
She'll kiss you one minute, then turn up her nose,
She'll win you in rage, enchant you in silk,
She'll be stronger than brandy, milder than milk,
At times she'll be vengeful, merry and sad,
She'll hate you like poison, and love you like mad.



Lipiter at LipotOr

Being a medical transcriptionist, I have become quite familiar with the difference in pronunciation of brand names of medicines here and the US of A, and I acquired the habit of making fun of the difference. But never really understood the difference until..

one night, after dinner, my mother remembered that she had to take her Lipitor for her hypertension.

Note the difference of the pronunciation:
Pinoy: Li-pi-tOr.
Americans: Li-pi-ter.

My mother then shouted at Daddy who was upstairs to get her "Li-pi-tor!"

I commented that the American doctors pronounced it as "Li-pi-ter." mother quirky that she is shouted,"Daddy! Kuanun mo Li-pi-ter ko!"
Daddy (who was upstairs and has the most atrocious pronunciation in the world) shouted back: "Ano?!"
Mom: "Li-pi-ter ko!"
Daddy: "Ano?! Anong Lipiter?!"
Mom: "Ay inda! Li-pi-tOr ko!"
Daddy: "Aah.."

Understanding dawns finally.

And that’s how it goes.. hehehe.

Jun 9, 2005


Originally uploaded by Maria Theresa.
this is my Mom, the Lipitor/Lipiter lady, with the biggest heart and the most heartwarming laugh. Love u Mommy!


Originally uploaded by Maria Theresa.
this is inshang! one of the cutest girl in the world!
One time, her mom (my aunt) was freakin' out because they couldn't find her..Guess where she was hiding?
Inside the fridge.


Originally uploaded by Maria Theresa.
this place remembers..
labs u ba!


Originally uploaded by Maria Theresa.
ba't ata asiwa ngiti ko?

Jun 6, 2005

the lands of dwarfs, the lands of giants..

I am 5'8" tall. Yes, I am tall and I am not skinny. And that is what people first noticed of me, never mind the brains or the eyes, just the freaking height! And that's what they remember of me, "the huge girl."

Skinny with boobs and ass. That is how they like it here.

Sorry. I do not fit the skinny part.

I am a giant in this country. How cannot I be? Geeze! I am taller than most women here. But what sucks is that I am taller than most men, which brings about the unending comments about my height! Hey! Blame it on my genes!

I have grown up with my aunts telling me:

"You better look for a basketball player!"
"A foreigner would suit you!"
"How are u gonna get married?! You're taller than everyone?!"

Like most tall girls, i grew up conscious of my height..Heck! being friends and being around tiny girls, I felt like a freak, a giant, among the tiny little people, graceful people, small people. It would have been better if I, on a sudden reversed rotation of the planet, got discovered and became a model! But no, what I did was continue with my pathetic life and started hunching my back. Now, I'm screwed with this scoliosis!

I am really now fine with my height though. But since this year when I have, ahem, gained some "fine" weight (I am like 13o lbs), the word "dakula" (huge) really irritates and infuriates the hell out of me!

In this dwarfsville, yes, I might be huge!

But I am relatively okay in Giantsville! (where I may say, people have blond hair and blue eyes! Amen!).

This place is the capital dwarfsville with the Pinay's height ranging from the 4'9" to what they call "tall" of 5'6". And since I stand at 5'8", I am what you call a "freak of nature", and they stare at me with awe wherever I go, grunting and commenting on my height! And it irritates the hell out of me!

People would say: "Dakulaon ka!" (You're huge!)

My comeback: "Dai. Sadit ka lang." (Nope. it's just that you're small.) OUCH!

What is funny is that they all want to be a little bit taller! They don't know how much being tall screws up your fine morning!

Why am I so freakingly irritated? Earlier this morning, I hailed a jeepney, and when I was getting in, the driver said, "Ingat, dakulaon ka pati!" Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

I bit my tongue from retorting, "No, I am not, you're just short and ugly, you bald-headed dwarf!"

Lucky for me, E is an inch taller.. *sigh. I guess no basketball players and foreigners for me then. J

Jun 5, 2005

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

People do have their own intricacies… the little things they are makes them entirely different from the rest.

Take my friends for example.

Bes. She is what you call the "Beauty and the Brains". It is not so often that you would associate beauty with brains (so they say…) but Bessie is that - Beauty and Brains, and what makes her even more interesting is that she has got the heart to go with the face.. If I have a penis, I would marry her.

Settie. She is my soul mate. She has this ability to understand people in such a way that she seems to have done it all, been through it all. . Hell! After she has a talk with Hannibal Lecter, he would say that, "Alas! Someone understands how misunderstood I am." 'Guess it is the brains. This woman packs a wallop! She is Albert Einstein in a woman's body.

Guing. The rebel, the artist, the girl whom everybody just can't resist liking, and the girl who once upon a time can't just make up her mind about her sexual preference! She takes the world on a stride, like she can deal with anything. I guess growing up with her from the girls we were in college, cutting classes, and failing Accounting 101, I have come to appreciate what she is now. Watching her cry before after heartbreaks, I guess I am just happy she kinda found her home. She is one worry off my mind. Hehehe.

Tin. Now, tin is unique. She is the person who just loves and loves and loves, mindless of the number of times she has gotten hurt or of the tears she cried. Now, I guess her prayers have been answered. She got Mark. Note: Sa mga taong walang boyfriend, gayahin si Tin-tin: Do the following (Guaranteed na epektib!)
1. Pumunta sa simbahan.
2. Kulitin si Lord na bigyan siya ng boyfriend.
3. Payamanin ang nagtitinda ng kandila, bumili ng tatlo araw-araw.
4. Ulitin ito ng 5 beses sa isang semana.

Nette. She is the kind of girl who is tough, who won't take shit from "eynibody". She is a mixture of playfulness, sassiness, toughness, romantic, and cynic. She would sit infront of a movie, where the characters are draining their eyes out of tears, she would sit through it, without expression. (so her mom says..)

Che. She is the "settled one", the one who worry about bills, milks, and the like.. What I love about her is her flare and her passion for coordination. When we were kids, she would orchestrate our clothes for some picture taking, practice her smile, and instruct us on ours! And damn! I haven't eaten anything as good as the dishes she cooked!

Shoti. He is damn fine looking son of a gun! Hehehe.. Has the smile the charm the boots off your feet and the heart to go along with it. He is the guy I know who puts his heart on his sleeve all the way.. Artistahin to! He would win the Ms. Gay contest if he is only gay!

Pipo. Our own Diether Ocampo. He is loyal, but not faithful (hehehe). He has the ability to make anybody laugh. Really! But what I most love about him is his "Knight in Shining Armor" tendencies.. When I had some asshole, named Shawn-bite-my-ass, following me around for his bitch, only and I mean only (but of course with Shoti following him) defended me. See? And he made things okay for me.

Ryan. He is the "missing one", but he is my friend, and will always be. Why? B'Cause he changed my way of thinking, influenced me in such a way that I never see things in the same way. He is the kind of person who believes he can control his life to a certain extent and it is up to him whether he would allow himself to fail or not.

Tinay. She is this baby hermit. All her life, she hid inside her little cocoon, and only has just started to make baby steps towards "living life". (I just wished she didn't do major league in the love department that fast!) She is the kind of girl who would wear jeans, folded, under her toga. Hide her bag in the bushes. Fall in line in a different department. Receive her diploma and go home. She was graduating in College.

Tikya. There are just some people you simply like the from the start, and it is only later that you would know why, because there are some people who are too nice for words..She is an intricacy by herself. How does she live her life? I quote, "Maski pa anong complicated ka yan, pag-gusto ko iyo nayan!" (Translation: Screw things, if I want it, that's it!) hahahaha!

Kris. My little sister, my baby sister..the girl who knows everything about me, who I know would be there whenever shit happens! She is weird. She loves kid, but on the other hand, she could imagine them bloody hanging on the ceiling!

Baba. He is my friend, my bestfriend nowadays. He is the 3D version, walking talking "goodness". That says it all. He is my life.

Jun 3, 2005


After centuries of pondering, contemplating,
studying, researching

and experimenting,

MEN have finally concluded the following:

10. Women have BREASTS!

Jun 2, 2005


Originally uploaded by Maria Theresa.
there are just some people that you insist on being together.. hehehe..
erbe tells me that i should just let them be..
but i guess if they can't be together, i could just put them together in a pic, huh?
this is my blog, ain't it?!?
i could damn well do what i want!
so, tinay? peterpan? what do u think? can we make this fo real???


Originally uploaded by Maria Theresa.
the boinx and tinapay (who right now could not just get a picture right..hehehe)
this is guing/kurong/friend from way way back when i had braces and all..
and this is tinay.. pipo's girlfriend! hahahaha! ipilit ba!

shoti and peterpan-sexy!

shoti and peterpan-sexy!
Originally uploaded by Maria Theresa.
this is shoti and peterpan! one of the two people i love most in the world. they are both funny and look like they are about 16! hahaha..
shoti, ur cute here, this makes up for the bold pic..hehehe
and peterpan, say mo! sexy katawan mo! hahaha!


Originally uploaded by Maria Theresa.
and this is my friend tikya.. this pic was taken at the same hiking geist.. this was when she felt like vomiting out of exhaustion having been lost twice! anyways, this woman is interesting..just ask "patience"..hehehe