The Benefits of Oregano

Oregano (Scientific name: Origanum vulgare) is also known as Wild Marjoram, Mountain Mint, Origanum, Wintersweet and Winter Marjoram.

Hand of Hope: Samuel Alexander Armas

A picture began circulating in November. It should be "The Picture of the Year," or perhaps, "Picture of the Decade." It won't be. In fact, unless you obtained a copy of the paper, you probably will never see it.

Tracey Connelley, Baby P's Evil Mom, Shows NO Remorse

I have never been affected by any story as much as Baby P's story has affected me. Yesterday evening, I found myself sobbing twice! I just can't get over the sheer horror of the story.

Baby P's Murderers -- Why Are They Being Protected?

In my country, it has never happened before that the media and the people have been forbidden to actually reveal the names and faces of TC and SB, the murderers of Baby P.

That Winter The Wind Blows Finale: Did Oh Soo Die?

Over the holy week break, I spent the entire four days just watching the 15 episodes of this Korean show. Yes, I am a self-confessed Korean drama addict. I already have my favorite actors and actresses; albeit, I don’t know their names.

Feb 28, 2007

GoodMorning POOP

Paige does not sleep through the night...

Well, that is fine as I have resigned myself to this for the last seven months. Still, I hate it everytime she wakes up at 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. because she pooped!

Like this morning, I woke up with her standing beside the bed, smiling, with poop in her diapers.

That is not why I hate that though..

it's not the waking up.

or the cleaning

or the smell of the poop, because by God! It smells...

What I hate is that she refuses to go back to sleep everytime!
So there I am, trying to fight off sleep at 4 a.m., while trying to make sure that she doesn't fell off the bed while crawling.


Like Papa

Erbe: See, she looks like me when I was a baby!

This is the picture which Erbe insists Paige looks like him.
Do you see the similarity?
Does she really?
IT is so vague that you could not really see once and for all, but of course, there is the similarity!
He is the freaking father!

Quirks of Marriage

Do you remember the poem that goes something like:

"Jack Sprout could eat no fat

His wife could eat no lean

So between them both,

you see, they lick the platter clean."

Well, sometimes marriage is like that.

Erbe does not like to cover the bed while

I like to have very soft and thick beddings.

He removes half of the beddings from his side so I wake up with the covers all bunched up on my side, which irritates the hell out of me.

To resolve the problem as it was becoming an irritant --

The next time I changed the covers, I only covered half of my side and stick the rest all under the bed.

Problem solve.
But we probably have the weirdest bed covers.

Feb 27, 2007


Hey, I came up with KC Conception's blogs...

Just wondering if you are interested...

if you are..

well, here it is --

Feb 26, 2007

Usapang Artista - pinatulan ko na!

I can't wait for the new movie installment of Harry Potter as I was able to read the book. I can't wait to see Grawp, Hagrid's Giant Brother. Yes, there are Giants in this installment. Voldemort will take form here, and Harry will finally understand his connection with Voldemort.

I was also able to find the zip file for the online book of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. There are about 800 plus pages and I was able to finish 300 pages since yesterday. It's cute. Harry will finally hook up with Ginny Weasly, Ron's younger sister, and Malfoy and Snape will finally show their true colors and go after Dumbledore.

On to this couple...
Back when I bothered to watch a few minutes of Panday or so... What irked me the most is the fact that Panday and his wife (played by Evangelista) wore the same red clothes and I became obsessed with the thought that they seem to be not changing their freaking undies.
And they probably smell like shit. STINKO!
Every Sunday, I would actually feel my heart beating whenever a blind item comes up in Buzz talking of a couple who broke up and I would catch myself hoping it's them. Pathetic.

Have you seen the interview of Hope, James alleged mistress? And James interview with Korina?
Question: If James really did not have an affair with this woman?
why is he soooooooooooooo guilty?
Why is Kris saying that sometimes they want to give up already?
Why is she claiming that she hasn't forgiven him?
For what???
If what he is saying is true,
what the hell is there to forgive?
I've been mulling this over...
I have nothing better to do until the Bar review starts.. Yeah, pathetic I know if kung pinatulan ko na ang showbiz.

The Truth about My Husband

Erbe when he was about 8 years old.
He was not always the serious guy everyone thinks he is.
I'll let you in a secret...
He is much more than the person in the box that people have put him in.
What makes my husband unique is that he is part of those rare species:
He is NOT gay. I know. Trust me, I know. (Let's not go into the explicit details)
Nor is he a priest.
Yet, he does not strut his stuff like the typical pompous male specie does.
He does not smoke several packs of cigarettes per day, nor does he like to drink alcohol or boasts of being a damn good drunk.
He does not go around criticizing and humiliating people and making a general ass of himself.
He does not go around disrespecting and reducing women to boobs and asses.
He does not have 50 copies of Playboy magazine or FHM.
He does not go around saying, "Puta pare" or "Pakyu ka!"

He does not come home to me at 3 a.m. smelly and drunk.
He does not go around boasting of his conquests and how many women he has had sex with.
He does not take opportunities to grope women, fool them, fuck them and boasts about it to his friends.
What he is...
is completely the opposite of all those things.
He faithful, considerate and understanding.
Yes, he has his flaws and inadequacies. He is far from perfect.
People might ridicule him for being different, perhaps think themselves better than him.
Some have compared us and called me intelligent, yet he is the wise one.
He may be corny and uncool to some, but the truth is what is endearing is that he tries to make people laugh and to please people. This, in fact, is a usual cause of discussion as I do not give a shit about what others might think. Still does not, inspite of someone telling me that I should care about what others think. (Yes, Paolo, I still DON'T!)
I may seem strong to most, but he is stronger -- both in will and spirit.
People who knows what he goes through in life would know this is the truth. Most if they are in his shoes would have killed themselves by now.
I am proud of my husband and I am proud to call him my own.
Funny thing is there are those who would have love to have had him for their own.
I know because some had trouble letting him go and gave me hell because of that.

Feb 25, 2007

Mama not Papa

She's seven months now.
Today, Paige said "papa"

Her first audible word.

And I spent what seems like hours teaching her to say mama...

well, she uttered a lot of inaudible and incomprehensible babbles, but no mama.


Feb 24, 2007

Getting Down and Dirty

Name three of your greatest regrets in life?
1. Ex-boyfriends. Mr. Halitosis and Mr. No IQ.
2. Love letters I wrote. I can't say how much I regret writing those love letters, except of course those I wrote to my hubby. It's not that I write lousy letters. I write damn good letters, just ask Mr. the-one-who-got-away who said he'd send my letter to the Young Blood column of the Philippine Inquirer. Note to MYSELF: Chalk this up as one of the wise things you'll teach your daughter.
3. Just those two. Nothing else.

What is the one thing you would love to do as an adventure?
Skydive. That would be utterly exhilirating!

When was your first kiss?

March 1999, a few days after my birthday. It was good for a first kiss. Still, I didn't know any better... hehe.

Who knows you best?

My husband. He's my bestfriend these days... Bes, I'm sure you'd understand.

Who was your highschool crush?

BWAHAHAHA! RS and MM. MM turned out to be my best guy buddy, turned bessie's first bf. Geeze... thinking he was ever my crush makes me cringe. It's like having a crush on your freaking brother!

How many boyfriends have you had?

Seriously? Three, including my husband. That does not include the TOADS!

Were you ever unfaithful?

Sexually? ICK!!! NO!!! But yes, relationship-wise, summer of 2002.

What is your most treasured possession?

My husband's love letters. Others love letters... I dumped altogether. But I lovingly keep my husbands in their own box and keep them safe through the storm.. hehe

Who is the person you really despise?

Ahem... sino nga ba baba?

Have you ever lost a friend?

To death? No.

To fate? Yes. Curly Sue. It's Tinay's fault. Sana sinagot nia na lang. hehe...

Feb 22, 2007

Proposition para kay Bessie

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - A fishing crew has caught a colossal squid that could weigh a half-ton and prove to be the biggest specimen ever landed, a fisheries official said Thursday. - Reuters.
Okay, bes, where is the freaking squid?
pagkwartahan ta.
mabenta yan. sarong taon ning stock ning squid. benta ta kataid kang para-kwek kwek sa plaza. pipty-pipty kita.
kaipuhan mo lang gibuhon, habunon ining squid na iniho tapos ipadara mo digdi sako sa naga via FedEx. Okay? Asahan ko yan!
Sato-sato lang ining plano ha? Kaya ngani tig-bicol ko.
How about it? hehe.

The Pregnant Bachelorette

It's been...
I dont know how long it has been since I watched Trista and Ryan religiously hooked up together on National TV.
I loved them as I had my bets on Ryan.
Now, they are going to have a baby.
Who would have thought? They really stuck it out.

What the f---?!?

I have two words for you:
1. Cesar
2. Senate?!?!?!?!?!
Insult to Filipino people. WITH BRAINS.
Insult to politicians who had run for office from barangay kagawad up and built their political career for years!
What?! He thinks just because he won some actors award that qualifies him for Senate?!?
Senate people!
He could have run for City Kagawad or Mayor, I would just shrug that off with a snort, but to run for the senate! PUHLEEZE!!!
The nerve!
I guess his Hollywood career was not really calling him, huh?
And yes, his wife woke up last week and thought, "If Spielberg doesn't want you, why don't you run for Senate? That would be nice. The Filipinos are stupid anyways, they'd vote for you."
And she promptly goes back to sleep.
And Mr. Montana mulled over her suggestion and decided, yes, why not just do that.
Sir, if you want to help out, go create a foundation for free education or donate your millions to Albay!
Seriously! Senate?! Seriously!

Downfall vs Downful

Setting: Breakfast.
Cast: Mama, my sister and I. All married.
Topic of Conversation: Husbands and their egos.

Kris told us that 70% of a child's intelligence is inherited from the mother. So, as we are both relatively intelligent, we were telling Mama that she shouldn't be claiming that ours came from Daddy.
Mama in her aged wisdom deemed it her duty to tell us about the role of the wife ensuring that she will never let her husband feel that she is better than him.

Mama: ...yes, I know that I am more intelligent than your Daddy (no hesitations in saying this, shameless!) I just want to boost your Father's ego. You, two, should never let your husband feel that you are better. Make him feel he is better or more intelligent than you (at this point, I am in complete disagreement) . Don't put your husband down. It would be his DOWNFUL.
His what mama?
My sister was silent. Thinking. I couldn't contain myself. I had to asked, "Downful? Ma, there is no such term." And promptly turned to my sister for confirmation. She nodded.
Mama was outraged, "Don't you know DOWNFUL?! Downful of the empire!"
And I got 70% of my intelligence from her. Is that correct? Seriously?!
*sigh. I love my mama though.

Feb 20, 2007

ASSESSOR 101 Raising Your Ire


WRI is putting up an TESDA-accredited assessor center and Erbe and I have taken up assessors training accordingly.

We had quite a good laugh about the fact that we'd be the first MT assessors here in Naga City. Apparently, to get a certification from the TESDA and go abroad, you have to pass an assessment and get a competency certificate. It is also going to be a requirement of companies from now on.

Nope, Erbe and I are not the greatest MTs in the planet. Lucky for us, expertise is not a requirement and we do pass all freaking requirements.

We were gleeful about the fact that there'd be eyebrows raised and that we don't give a shit. Well, let me correct that, as usual Erbe does care. I don't. It's kinda ironic though, the's ironic.

armpits and truths


It took me quite some time to really digest this but I realized that if Tinay probably thought the same way than people probably think it is so...
Generally, I do not think people gives a shit about my life and I do not give a freaking care about other people's lives.

but if my mother would come to me pretty upset and I mean upset accusing me of running after my husband way before we became a couple and scheming just so I'd interest, that is another story.

Fact is,

Erbe and I had a bet.
You see, I just broke up with an ex-boyfriend with a bad case of halitosis and was denying feelings for a very good friend, who was just...well, too short for me.

Given all that, I was against entering into anything which would again put me in an emotional wringer.

And no, I didnt have feelings for him yet...
as I thought he was, well, fat. old. gay.

Anyways, he bet a dinner at Chili Pep that I would have a boyfriend in 4 months time.

Yes, he won.

But that is not the point. The point is he gave me four months because that was the exact length of time he thinks it'd take for me to say yes.

I admit if my husband is a woman, he'd have a hotter legs and whiter armpits than mine.

But seriously!

Feb 19, 2007

Bald Britney

She went bald.
You'd really wonder how she is doing...
mentally and emotionally.
Having everyone having something to say about you --- that sucks!
Having people dissing you and calling you all kinds of names in their blog -- that sucks!
Although you can't really blame people if you're walking around exposing your bald clam to everyone.
or you walk around in the sleaziest outfits possible,
or hanging out with Paris Hilton.
Inadvertently, you're asking for it.
Why Britney?!
Why can't you be that same old pigtailed girl my sister adored???

Feb 18, 2007

The axe and the briefs

Bag! Bag! Bag!
Exactly, that was the sound I heard a couple of hours ago outside our house.

So We hurriedly checked out the noise.

And this was what we saw.

A neighbor. Wearing briefs. Just briefs. With a big axe on his hand. Busily trying to break down another neighbor's house.
I just love living here.

So I hurriedly dialled the police EMERGENCY number.
It rang.
and rang.
and rang.
and rang.
I waited.
and waited.
and waited.

I put down the phone and dialled Erbe's father's number. An retired policeman with a rank of a major.
5 minutes later -- the police arrived.

Nobody was arrested though. tsk. tsk. tsk. Too bad. Apparently, the guy in his briefs busily cracking open the door of the neighbor with his axe is a relative of the victims. So, it's unthinkable that they should have him arrested! No, no that is just not done. That is NOT at all proper. HUH?!
I figured somebody has to be slashed open first before anybody would get arrested in this place.


Mars Mallows

Juan: Wats dat?
John: Oh Juan! Right, that's Mars.
Juan: No! That's Ert.
John: Huh? Ert? oh, you mean Earth? No. That's Mars.
Juan: Ert!
John: Mars! You gotta check out the news sometimes Juan.
Juan: Ay lintek kang kano ka! Ert nga yan! Yan ang pekture na pinakita sa-akin nung titser ko sa grade por!
John: Oh, screw you!
Juan: Scro u ka din!
This is a picture taken by the orbiting spacecraft circulating Mars. Apparently, there is a new evidence of the presence of water on Mars.
Hmm... ano kaya?

Feb 15, 2007

I am screwed up.

I was set on going to UP for the bar review. I have even informed everyone and had made plans accordingly.

Then yesterday I saw Atty San Luis, who I didn't recognize because of the fact that she had lost half her weight and looked, well...pretty and young! She was with her husband who happens to be a foreigner! Well, I digress... She told me, after she learned that I was going to UP, to consider checking out my options here first in Bicol. She told me that Naga College is offering a bar review.

Well, I didn't want to bother going to Naga College, but since I was going to wait for Erbe for almost an hour before he finished with his class this morning, I thought, "Well, what the heck.." So, I hailed a trike and get my ass down to the Office of the President in NC.


Now, I am screwed.
I found out that their reviewers are good. Not just good good, but really damn good!
Sandoval, Benipayo, Domondon... all reviewers of UP! Court of Appeals Justices, authors of books, Bar top notchers, Deans, Directors... damn good! In fact, all reviewers of UP.
So, here I am weighing things and I have until next Monday to decide.
My heart tells me that I should stay here. I want to see my baby's firsts. I don't want to miss all that.
Fuck. I am screwed.

Feb 13, 2007

V-day sentiments



I'm not just into the ruckus that goes with the Valentine's day propaganda.
Hallmark's prints are all over it, I tell you. Like Hallmark is all over every fucking season.
But I am into remembering the person you love on that special day.
Just hate the propaganda.
It's past approaching though and I think the thought is torturing or positively irritating a lot of people.
Let me think some who probably hates it more.
Ah yeah...
1. Tinay
2. Tinay
3. Ma. Cristina Francisco.
: )
She's the Valentine's day Ms. Grinch.
Well, she could always sue me if I am wrong. hehe


Earlier, my husband and I were watching the news and agreeing on the people we are going to vote for, talking about the sheer audacity of some who even considered running let alone actually filing for candidacy, and considering the likelihood of some winning and some losing...

Here is a summary of what we talked about:

Image Hosted by

Arroyo. Yes, he is with the Administrative party, but we are still going to vote for him. He has never failed to show that he is a good politician and that he always had seemed to be always backing up what is right, or at least what I think is right.

Image Hosted by

Pangilinan. I think his decision to run independente is genius but stupid. Well, It is genius because he could never go wrong. He is not taking sides, although impliedly he is actually siding against the administration although independente. Well, I don't think he has a choice anyways. He has been very vocal about his opinion of the dwarf actually robbing the freaking crown from the King. He is also not with the opposition, although they are "adopting" him. He can't be called balimbing. By not siding though with the administration, he lost his chance of having the government's schemes and machinations to scam the votes not work actively for him. On a second thought, he has Sharon Cuneta. That about secures him a senate seat. Well, as for me, I will vote for him because he seems trustworthy enough to give a seat in the Senate to, without the people worrying he'd be making nuclear bombs on the basement of the Senate building or scamming the taxes from the people... his wife is rich enough to buy the whole manila. hehe.

Image Hosted by

Chiz. I need not explain why. I am voting for him because of crusades to reveal the truth and not falter with fear in the process. Also, Tikya and I thinks he is cute. Dunno why. He reminds me of Bamboo. Probably because of the eyes.

Image Hosted by

Cayetano. He is like Chiz' right-hand man. I felt sorry for him and at the same time was rather impressed with him when he faced the dwarf's husband.. u know, the one with the big stomach who really likes Pacquiao. I like his courage and I trust that he is still idealistic at this point. It'd be ironic if a few years from now, some hotshot congressman would be accusing him of his own unreported wealth. Not likely at this point, so I can trust the Senate to him. Also, I like his father. That Maalaala Mo Kaya story was a propaganda to wrest votes from people for Peter!

Image Hosted by

Recto. Why do I only see him when he is campaigning? Or watching his son's contests? Where was he when they senate was debating on the Garci tapes? or the Cha-cha? or fuck! Anything!

Image Hosted by

Pacquiao. I wish he just sticks with boxing, singing (if you call that singing), and yes, acting! He could try that! Not just the Congress for god sakes! He is going to be some freaking puppet. Whoever convinced Pacquiao to run must be the stupidest person or the shrewdest person in the freaking country! Also, Manny should take note of his coach's advice on that next match lined up. It'd do him good to train for that one than waste his time with Politics dirt.

Well, so far that is what we have surmised.

The rest?
Mga balimbing, trapo, o di pa namin pinagisipan.

Facts and exaggerated truths

I am the mother.
Yes, you might think that I have probably exhausted every topic there is on my daughter.
But I will bet my ass you're dead wrong.
As I was saying I am the mother.
But nobody beats a lola.

let me tell u why...
Fact. I am worried sick because my daughter has had a fever for the last three days. But my mother has been bawling (exaggeration but true) because her apo is sick.
Fact. While I am willing to spend a sleepness night taking care of my sick daughter. My mother would do the same, INSPITE of a bad attack of vertigo. And I do mean, really, really bad attack. Two hefty men had to practically pick her up from the floors of the supermarket this morning because she lost her balance due to her vertigo. She took Paige and declared that yes, since she cannot sleep anyways because she is soooooooo worried, it's best that she takes care of Paige tonight.
Fact. While my husband and I are planning to do a general cleaning this Sunday (the doctor informed us that Paige has dust allergies), but my mother, again inspite of her vertigo, spent the whole day cleaning their room because Paige has, yes, allergies.

And I thought I was the mother.

Thank God for Lola's like my mama...

Feb 10, 2007

on with my addiction

Devon Aoki.
Addison Shephard of Grey's Anatomy.
They are just few of the characters I play with my SIMS.
It's fun controlling their lives. Geeze. Pathetic!

Feb 8, 2007

You gotta love this!

Keira Knightley and her boyfriend...
I saw this and couldn't stop laughing.
Sometimes, I think the celebrities just gotta stop and let them reporters have all the shots.
Keira: "Are you done? Can we go now?"

Eternal Embrace

Who did it? 'Fess up! Damn it!

This is the picture of the new archelogical discovery in Italy.

Apparently, these two have been in eternal embrace for almost 6,000 years.
Too bad they had no breath fresheners then.

No, they are not Romeo and Juliet.

They were shot with an arrow. The girl has an arrow on her side, the guy on his back.

Who did it?

Leaves a lot to the imagination huh?
My guess.
It's the president.

These days she is always the culprit and her fat husband and ugly son.hehe.

Mind Games

Image Hosted by

She's damn good at it.
My daughter.
Mind Games.

I cannot stare her down. She just looks at me like I am a weird bug or so and then turn back to whatever catches her fancy -- these days...the remote control.

These days our battle is getting her to sleep through the night. Honestly! World peace, genocide, and that dwarf in malacanang and her dirty deeds has all taken a backseat (crampy!) with my need to get her to sleep through the night. All the friggin internet sites tells me that she should be sleeping through the night now!

What's the problem?



To me it's Saddam's (God rest his soul) nuclear weapons finally unearthed!

She can't sleep without having the freaking thing stuck in her mouth and if she wakes up without it... God forbid! She'd cause such a ruckus and wakes the whole house up and the wrath of God...ah...Daddy, I mean, falls down upon us mere mortals.

That's another thing.

My parents. They cannot bear to hear her cry.

I surfed the internet tonight to get tips on how to make her sleep through the night. There was this test -- WHAT IS YOUR BEST TECHNIQUE? So, I dutifully took the test hoping to get God's answer from the internet/flaming bush.

After like ten questions:

ANSWER: You are essentially the family bed. HUH?!

What the f---?!?

Later on I found out that I am the mother who prefers to have her child sleeping on the bed beside her. Apparently, in western countries, it takes a lot of heavy...extremely heavy thinking to decide (and this is a big decision, mind you), if you would have your child sleep next to you.


Here, it's a given like yeah...farting and breathing.

Anyways, I tried it on Paige tonight. I had to tolerate her crying for like 10 minutes and hold off her pacifier.

Did I win?

No. I was too afraid to have the parents come down and grab her from me like I'm a bad, bad mama.

So after like a minute or so, I gave in. Sigh.

Told yah. Damn good at mind games.

Feb 6, 2007

Noah was asked and I answered

I came across this questions in noah's journal and thought the questions were pretty interesting and decided to have a shot at them.

Is there any issue which you are strongly opposed to, and if so, how far would you personally go to support your views?

Pause. pause. umm...pause. let's see... think. think something amazing. What issue? Geeze. Pathetic. I can't think of any. Ah, yeah. children being abused. If somebody hurts my child in any pervert kind of way, oh yeah.. I'd commit bloody murder. It also raises my hackles when somebody is discriminated. I do not understand what people have against blacks and jews. Seriously!

What do you believe happens to us after death?

Truly? let's see... see! I told you these questions are interesting! I have never really thought about it since I have always been told I have two options: Heaven or Hell. And that is how it always was. But these days, I am pretty sure I will have my ass kick off to purgatory for like, say, 200 years?

Do you believe there is a reason as to why some people die young/early as in young children?

Yeah. illnesses, accidents, they are reasons, right? But in the spiritual kind of way? For every death, I believe God has his reason and you dont mess with God. Uh.huh. You don't. Still, I feel for parents who have their children taken away from them and they are left without knowing why.

Do you have an idol, famous or otherwise, living or dead? If so who and why?

Idol? No.Like a freaking Britney-Spears-I'll-show-you-my-twat idolism? Nope. People I hold in such high regard. People that inspires me. Yes. Paolo Coehlo, Noah Grey, Oprah Winfrey (Yeah! That beats Britney!) and of course, my mother. It's a fucking cliche, but who cares? She just is.

When writing, what kind of pen (biro, fountain etc) do you prefer, and what colour ink do you like to use?

I like gel pens and sometimes plain old boring pens. Black ones.

What is your favourite time of day?

Just after five p.m.. It's when the dusk settles in. It never fails to make me feel so melacholic and happy at the same time -- depends on who you are, where you are and whom you're with. It's the contemplatative hour.

Do you prefer the sun or the moon?

The moon. What do you expect? I'm an artist, a writer, a dreamer and a romantic. The sun won't help you with your masterpieces if you're sweating like a pig, right? But I also love the sun after the signal 4 typhoon. Loves how it pokes its face out. It's the most beautiful thing in the world then.

If for some reason you were limited to working with only one artistic medium, i.e. you had to choose between drawing and writing etc., which would you choose?

Writing. I can be a genius at this. Drawing? I am pretty much a mediocre.

On a scale of 1-10, how important are the physical looks of other people to you?

Depends. If they are going to marry in the family - ah...7? We have to have good genes. We can't have children with funny looking nose running around in the family. But aside from that, it doesn't matter. At all. What matters is that their hearts are not twisted as their faces.

How many people in your life do you trust to always tell you the truth?
Sadly. Nobody. People will always have their secrets and will always protect something. But I trust my husband to tell me the truth when it is really important. See? Even that has a modifier.

Was the “Mad Hatter” really mad? Or was he a sane person in a mad world?
I have never really gotten around to actually psychoanalizing the freaking Mad Hatter. But I always thought he was tad mad. And yeah, funny.

Which famous person are you most like, mentally?
Paolo Coehlo. Oprah. And yeah, Noah Grey once he wins the Pulitzer prize. Two mentally ill men, one is gay, and a black woman. Yeah, that's right. That exactly defines me mentally.

Is cyberspace real life?
As real as it can be. Ask my sister. She had a cyberspace life and a cyberspace man and guess who she married? Ding! Ding!

Who will you remember most when you’re famous?
Me and everyone else who suffered along with me. But what the heck, the nearest thing I would ever come close to being fucking famous is if I climb one electricity post and refuse to come down, that would get me in national TV. Oh, I could try jumping off, that would at least give me a week on National TV.

He gives me the chills

I am at awe.
Just simply at awe and I want to share him.
Share his incredible genius --
his talent to capture a single second and break your heart with it.
that you would look at the picture and reach out as if you could actually touch the strand of the hair and feel the breathing.
I want to share his genius --
his incredible capacity to write down a word. one or two. a sentence. And have your heart ripped out from your chest.
Or just sit amazed that someone understood.
Or just someone noticed and saw what most spent their lifetime not knowing...
I want to share his genius --
his capacity to make you see and understand how he feels. how he is. how wretched and utterly beautiful life is all at the same time.
how an illness can define you if you let it.
and how amazing the human spirit is.

I want to share to you -- noah grey. -- be humbled.

Feb 3, 2007

pacey's pond

Sometimes, I wish there was never Dawson....
This is how Dawson's Creek would be like without Dawson... and It was Pacy's Pond.

Dawson's Creek

I was so young then when I used to love this and now I'm a grown up... but everytime... everytime... I can't
help but remember...

Bitchin' back

UPDATED: Tyra addresses the unflattering bathing suit photos

YOU GO GIRL!!! I second the freaking motion!!!

my baby is growing up fast...

and she is as persistent and kulit as her me...

Feb 1, 2007

She's his baby now... they are his baby now...

My sister has walked the aisle...
Lucky her, she'll walk it again on December.

She's happy.
and she's loved.

And I am excited about my blue-eyed nieces and nephews...

: )

It was an utterly exhausting two weeks.
Hiding the whole thing from the parents.
Being Caught.
Damn glad Brendan is quite good at the confession thing.

Now, she's just Mrs. Ma. Kristina O. Ryan.

Nice, huh?

And my niece would be - Madelyn FRANCESCA O. Ryan. :)

In this pic, Brendan looks old, huh? With all that glaring and receding forehead, which he is utterly sensitive and touchy about. But he has actually just turned 30 and MY erbe is two years older! hehe

Poor Brendan, he is having a hard time adjusting to the whole filipino culture and way of things...

Like yesterday, we were downtown and I asked to him to ride at the back of the tricycle... he literally rode on the freaking back!

So, we were all there waiting for him to ride at the back of the motorcycle but when some seconds passed that he didn't, we turned our back and what did we see? Brendan, dutifully and hysterically adjusting his asses cheeks at the back of the trike!

It was pretty hilarious. POOR white guy.